About SquareBook

We’re bringing fairness, transparency and efficiency to equity capital markets

SquareBook is the tech platform for equity fundraising. We’re the first independent, conflict-free provider of auction technology for companies to carry out raises at all stages, from private deals to IPOs and secondaries.

Companies and their advisors get all the tools they need to manage a deal from end to end 

Investors get a new way to access and engage with quality companies at all stages

SquareBook is proud to be a B Corporation

Our users

Companies, advisors and investors

SquareBook is a multi-sided platform. We bring together companies, their advisers and investors in one place.

Companies get all the digital tools they need to plan and carry out a capital raise – whether that’s a private deal, an IPO or a secondary.

Advisers get wider distribution, more efficient digital deal management, the ability to scale, and the chance to compete on a level playing field.

Investors get fair allocations based on a transparent, competitive bidding process. No conflicts of interest, no secret handshakes, and no smoke and mirrors. Just a fair deal where you get treated according to your input, whether you’re an institution with over a trillion dollars in AUM or you’re an individual.

Our values

Fairness, transparency, efficiency

SquareBook exists because we believe that companies, investors and society deserve better.

Secondary trading markets have seen decades of innovation, resulting in explosive growth in trading volume. But primary issuance has stood still. Companies deserve a more innovative, efficient way to raise capital.

Investors deserve a fair, transparent way to invest. One where allocations are made based on the value investors bring to the process and to the issuer – not based on quid pro quo relationships.

When this happens, everyone wins. Investors can allocate capital to worthwhile companies more efficiently, without money getting lost and wasted on excessive fees and mispricing of shares.

Book-runners make favourable allocations to investors from whom they generate the greatest revenues elsewhere in their business, notably through brokerage commissions.

– FCA, Quid pro quo? What factors influence IPO allocations to investors?, October 2016

Independent and conflict-free

At SquareBook we’re completely independent. Every raise on SquareBook is carried out as an auction, where all investors play by the same rules with no conflicts of interest.

It’s one of the big ways that we’re a million miles from the old way of doing things in primary markets.


Digital workflow from end to end

Issuer, adviser, investor or distributor – whatever your role in the deal process, you can benefit. From sharing content to first meetings to carrying out an auction, everything happens in one digital place. 


Purpose-built for optimal pricing

No more guessing, no more pitching in the hope that investors bite at the price offered. Issuers and investors engage in a process that discovers the optimal price for shares through fair, competitive auctions that reward the investors who contribute most value.

Better investor selection

Auctions determine which investors are most closely aligned with the issuer and help guide their appropriate share allocations. Fair treatment of investors ensures their full commitment to the SquareBook auction process.

Built for deals from EIS-qualifying rounds to IPOs and secondaries. SquareBook is the FCA authorised digital platform for equity capital raises